Plymouth Over 55 Fall Winter 2019 – 20
Saturday Morning Hockey League

Sept 7, 2019 – March 28, 2020.
30 Games.   Draft league.

All games at the Victory Ice Center (Arctic Pond)

League information:
DEPOSIT – $50 due with registration form by June 30th to reserve a spot.

COST: $600 due by September 1st.
OR  two payments plan ($315 due Sept. 1st and Dec. 1st.)
$50 deposit subtracted from total cost.

INSURANCE: $15 pp. If not paid in the Spring season.
SUBS:  $10 insurance fee.
$10 ice fee per game for substitute players.

GOALIES: Skate free, just cover the insurance fee.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Players must be age 55 and older. Goalies age
45 and older (exceptions may be made for goalies).

Click here:
Fall_Winter 2019-20 Reg Form

Registration form and fee is required.

Please e-mail John Nork at over55hockey@gmail.com